Turkmenistan Forces State Workers into New Cotton-picking Campaign

In Mary province, employees of the local state sewing factory each had to pay around $1.5 on August 27 to lease city buses in order to send workers to the cotton fields. The sum would cover a 10-day lease of the public buses, after which another local government institution will cover the transport costs, and the factory staff will go to pick cotton.

Turkmenistan: Imprisoned Student’s Family under Pressure

After Shirinbay Umarkuliev died of a heart attack in May, his wife Kyzlargul was asked not to place a headstone on his grave, in order to keep the news of his death away from a wider public. Shirinbay Umarkuliev was the father of Omruzak Umarkuliev, a student studying at a Turkish university in the city of Osmaniye, who reportedly was given a 20-year prison term.

Imprisoned Turkmen activist’s life at risk as doctors refuse treatment

The health condition of Mansur Mingelov, an imprisoned Turkmen activist, has worsened in recent weeks, as he was unable to receive proper medical assistance at LB-K/11 strict regime labor camp in Seydi, Lebap province. Last week Mingelov’s relatives found him in the medical unit of the camp, “skin and bones,” with prison doctors failing to provide him with necessary treatment.